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Celestial Massage was created to provide high quality therapeutic massages, in a luxurious and professional setting, at affordable prices.  Some benefits of massage include reduced stress, pain relief, improved circulation, better body performance and recovery.  Many clients refer other family and friends since the benefits of therapeutic massage can help the ones you care about, and find their body heal itself from the inside out. When we feel better we usually look better.  When you leave with a smile on your face, others usually want to know what that unique and peaceful look is about.
Celestial Massage is a highly unique Day Spa that is located within a professional building at the northeast corner of Elliot and Lindsay Roads.  We participate with others at the Day Spa that help you conveniently meet your health and appearance needs at one site!  Our dynamic team of professionals include Professional Massage Therapists (providing customized massages) and Estheticians (providing facials, waxing, eye lash extensions) licensed by the State of Arizona.  We also have a Registered Nurse (providing Laser Facial Resurfacing, Botox, Fillers and Laser Hair Removal to mention only a few services) on site as well as a Nutritionist trainer (providing Hormone Assisted Weight Loss, Nutritional Counsel, Appetite Control and Energy).
  • Swedish:  Gentle relaxing massage using connective strokes to remove waste from muscle tissue and improve circulation and relieve pain and tension.  Some benefits explained for stress management.
  • Deep Tissue:  Deep and slow compression strokes that relax the deeper muscles beneath the superficial muscles.  Healthy benefits include arthritis relief.
  • Hot Stone Massage:  The heat, from the sanitized basalt stones, provides extra relaxation, melting superficial muscle tension in order to manipulate the deeper muscles easier providing relief from sore muscle pain.  Soothing and healing pain management techniques.
  • Cold Stone Massage:  Therapeutic cold stone massage is used on areas of muscles affected by trauma, scar tissue and injuries, in order to reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain.  Cold stones have been known to relieve Anxiety, PMS, Sinusitis, High Blood Pressure, and Fatigue.  Good benefits for physical training and athletic recovery.
  • Thai Massage:  The deep static and rhythmic pressure of this massage, incorporates the entire body and is usually a minimum of 90 minutes of compression, pulling, stretching and rocking of the body.  Thai Massage is usually done fully clothed.  Great for rejuvenating energy and stretching muscles.
 Please book online or call for appointment prior to stopping in.  Thank you!

Celestial Massage

33 N Lindsay Rd #109
Gilbert, AZ 85234
United States
Phone: (480) 359-5553
Email: celestialgilbert@gmail.com